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Top 25 Ways to Combat Stress

Top 25 Ways to Combat Stress: Chilling Out At The End Of The Day

Escape_from_stress_with_our_top_tips1.  If you didn’t make a list of tomorrows jobs when you finally left work make a habit of doing this about one hour before you are due to go to bed.   Write down everything you need to do or would like to achieve during the next day.  By putting your thoughts down on paper you are closing the door on the day, and telling your mind that there is nothing more that is important until tomorrow.

 2.  If you are mentally tired but not physically tired, try to get some exercise just before going to bed.  Taking the dog for a walk, jog around the block, do some sit-ups with your toes poked under the bed.  These can all help you become physically tired.  Don’t start digging the garden by lamplight late at night as someone may become suspicious and call the police, but light gardening in the early evening can bring on just the right amount of tiredness to induce sleep.  Try a swimming session, or a martial arts class, or the more gentle yoga or ti chi.  The idea behind taking light exercise is to stretch your muscles so that they relax back into place releasing tensions as they go, not to exercise so hard that you ache all over.  Take exercise easy at bed-time as it is not the time to over-exert yourself either.  Gently does it.
3.  After your exercise, try taking a warm soapy bubble bath and luxuriate in the aroma.  Alternatively, add some aromatherapy oils.  Lavender is excellent for relaxation. Try mixing 2 drops of lavender oil with 3 drops of Chamomile Romaine and 1 drop of Valerian.  Another wonderful mix is great for stress as well.  Try 5 drops of Lavender and 13 drops of Grapefruit and 8 drops of Neroli, and enjoy.  Me, I like 3 drops of Lavender and 3 drops of Rose Geranium.  Mmmmmm.

4.  Warm your towel on a heated towel rail or in the airing cupboard, and only lightly dab yourself dry before lying on top of your bed warmly cosseted in your towel.  When you begin to feel drowsy gently unroll yourself and slip into bed.  Drop the towel on the floor.  The towel can wait until the morning.
5.  A warm milky drink at bedtime can settle the stomach and ease hunger just enough to get you off to sleep.  Whilst I do not recommend taking meals late at night, simple carbohydrates start to digest in the mouth and are absorbed quickly by the body, so a biscuit or two with your hot drink would not only be pleasant and nurturing, it staves off hunger ‘till the morning.  For those who are diet conscious, try a peeled apple or a few pieces of dried fruit instead.

6.  Tell your mind that you are going to wind down about half an hour to an hour before you go to bed.  You are, in effect, programming your mind for sleep.  Hormones in the brain alter your brainwave activity to slow normal wakeful thought patterns from Beta, through the drowsy state of Alpha to Delta, the deep sleep state. If you usually suffer from insomnia or poor sleep patterns it is normal to experience doubt at first when you try to programme your mind.  Visualise yourself standing in a beam of golden light.  When you are inside this beam of light you are protected from internal and external negativity and any harm from influences outside your control. Picture the dark blue night sky.   Reach your arms up over your head, and then bring down an imaginary ‘night sky’ helmet and place it on your head.  This helmet is connected to the energy of the universe.  You will channel the sleep programme in this way, and it will not be subject to influence from other sources.  Sounds crazy?  Maybe, but try it and see.
7.  When you go to bed listen to your favourite relaxing music with the lights turned down low. Use headphones if the sound disturbs partners or anyone close enough to hear.  If this doesn’t work for you, you could try reading or watching TV.  The medium doesn’t matter, so long as you chose a method that relaxes you.  You may have to reach some form of compromise if you share your sleeping space.  Is that the problem?  You must talk this through until you find a satisfactory solution.  If only one person is happy with the sleeping arrangements this amounts to emotional high-jacking.
8.  If you need some help with sleeping, don’t take sleeping pills unless there is a medical reason for it.  Try a pinch of Camomile flowers (obtainable from good herbalists or health stores) in a mug of boiling water.  Stir vigorously and allow to settle.  Stand for 10 - 15 minutes before drinking. Any petals that float on the top will be harmless to you and may be consumed as part of the ‘I’m getting into a different state of being’ feeling.  Camomile is a natural relaxant, and will gently lull you off to sleep without putting a strain on your digestion.  It is not an ‘instant’ remedy, but you may feel yourself becoming drowsy.  That’s OK, don’t give it too much thought.  You will wake up refreshed without the ‘heady’ feeling associated with sleeping pills.  Do not use Camomile tea bags unless you can’t get anything else in the town where you live.  The content is not as superior.  As an alternative you might try Hops (not to be taken when taking other depressants such as alcohol or when taking antidepressant tablets).  Valerian is an alternative remedy though it can cause irritability in 3% of population.   Passion Flower (combines with Valerian and Hops) is an anti-spasmodic that can be used in the case of Shingles, Neuralgia, Asthma, Parkinson’s Disease and Hysteria).  Buy them lose and make up in the mug or in a small teapot kept specifically for that purpose.  Allow to stand for 10 - 15 minutes before consuming.  When combining only use a small pinch of each.
9. Practice some slow rhythmic breathing.  Place your hands on your abdomen and breath in slowly to the count of six.  Feel your hands rising up with your breath as your abdomen fills like a balloon.   Hold your breath in gently for a moment and then let the air out slowly allowing your palms to lower until your lungs feel empty.  Gently allow your palms to lift with your breath and lower again. Concentrate only on your rhythmic breathing and on the out breath repeat the word ‘relax’ in your mind.

10.  Imagine that you are in the centre of a beautiful garden.  See yourself walking about your garden and notice everything that is there.  See the lawns, paths, garden beds, flowers, shrubs and trees.  Look at the blossom.  Smell the aromas, marvel at the colours, the sounds and smells of your garden.  Is there a breeze in the air?  Can you hear birdsong or the sounds of insects buzzing?  Is there a central focus to your garden?  Perhaps there is a fountain, waterfall or pond.  Even a lake.  Maybe there is a folly, a windmill or a ruined building which is gently caressed by the lapping of the sea against it’s foundations.  Is it day or night?  If it is night time, is the moon shining, is the sky clear and stary?  If it is daytime, what time of day is it?  Is the sun shining?  Can you feel it on your face.  By now you are feeling so at peace you look for somewhere to sit and relax.  Find a comfortable bank of grass, a garden seat, a hammock or a deckchair to recline in, and draw in the relaxing beauty of your garden . . . . .By this time sleep should not be far away.


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