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Fixing Breakdowns in Relationships

Extract from Relationship Superhero E-Tutorial 2  visit

Most of us have experienced a breakdown in a valuable relationship some time in their life, whether a work relationship or a personal one.

Usually, some angry response, sleight or feeling of jealousy allowed us to talk our way into feeling hostile, or bad friends at the very least, and very often this spirals out of control with the result that someone that we value or need in our life becomes hostile and unavailable to us.

Well this e-tutorial is all about the ways that you can move your relationship back on track using the art of conversation.  Simply just that.

You are likely to find that simply by asking the other party to sit down and talk things out, you will be able to arrange a time and place that you can work through the breakdown in communication in a relaxed and non-hostile way.

The problem is always about losing face.  Beginning from the very start seems ludicrous since you share so much history.

In fact, it is the very history that is the problem.  Starting again requires the putting aside of the past.  Ill feeling towards each other and past hostilities have no place in a relationship where the parties involved truly want to improve the quality of their life together, or their working relationship.

In the last e-tutorial I discussed some of the reasons why relationships break down, and lack of time and opportunity or interest in talking together is one of the fundamentals, one of the foundations of a good relationship.  Being prepared to begin again and learn how to be together, how to talk together without hurting each other, is an absolute requirement.  If you are not prepared to go that extra mile and start again at this point then the process is unlikely to work for you.

There are some very important rules to learning to talk to each other, outlined in last week’s e-tutorial. You must declare a truce.  Right now, in front of any observers, face each other and commit yourselves to leaving past experiences, feelings and hostilities behind.

Imagine each of you putting all those feelings inside a black box, and sending the black box out into the universe where the negativity can be used somehow for the good of all mankind creating order out of chaos, harmony where there is none and karmic learning for all concerned.


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