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World Of Women welcomes you and invites you to list your company, business, service or trade free of charge and add your customers' and client's reviews.

Evidence has proven that good client or customer reviews will lead to your business becoming one of the most popular online, in just the same way that good reports of your product or services leads to a good business image and a successful brand.  

Simply sign up for an account and follow the easy instructions. You can use your listing to market your products, trade or service by sending your prospects to your listing at this site.

What better way to win business than by the recommendations of your satisfied customers or clients.

Our software has made it really simple for you. Just follow these easy  10 steps.

Step 1. You have already clicked on the List Your Business link (box) in the main menu. After reading this text, click again at the bottom of this page to be taken to the review listings registration. You might like to print off these instructions

Step 2. Click on the  'register' tab above the search box

Step 3. Complete all the required information fields on the form to register your account

Step 4. Once registration is complete click 'Continue'. You will be taken to the Continent Database

Step 5. Click on your Continent and you will be taken to the Country Database

Step 6. Click on Country and you will be shown a list of Business Categories to select

Step 7. Click on your company's most appropriate Category

Step 8. Click Submit Listing and complete the listing form. You can add reviews and pictures in the form of files where indicated. If you do not have these at the time of listing, you can always return and add them later when you log in to your account.

Step 9. Click Submit. Your listing will be forwarded to the Administration Department for approval, and once approved, it will appear in the free business review listings.

If your company is an International one, you may like to list your company offices, plant or other premises in more than one country listing.

Your first listing is free. Every subsequent listing is subject to a small annual fee of $10. See Step 10 below

Step 10. Additions and Actions
a) To pay for an additional Country listing or Category listing click on 'Sponsor WOW .Directory'  to be found at the bottom of the page and click on the appropriate 2CheckOut payment logo.There is one for each of these services. See Sponsor WOW Directory link bottom left of page.

b) You can also be subscribed to receive notice of new additions to your category by clicking on Actions: 'Subscribe to this Category'.  You may also unsubscribe (Link is on right hand side of the Business Occupations list page) This service is also free

Visit our List your Business page


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