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Welcome to WORLD OF WOMEN Business Review Pages  

List Youundefinedr Bundefinedusiness Reviews As Part Of
Complementary Service

and get "72% more exposure at Google." 

Statistics quoted early 2012 (Local Business Marketing Summit) show that when a company has positive client or customer reviews on their web links they get noticed and receive a boost to their site's ranking at leading search engines. Great reviews give the reader the confidence that you can fulfill their requirements. 

Success strategies for women Here, women will find their very own networking service offering  female visitors a complementary business listing in their own country and district, in the business category that best suits them.  We do this because we believe in  mentoring women, so our listing gives you the option to add your clients' or customer's reviews of any product and / or service, photographs or articles (5 files) giving you and your business a fantastic marketing advantage.


In 10 simple steps you can create a profile and list your business by following our step-by-step instructions when you click on our Create Profile And Free Business Listing tab in our MAIN MENU.


Workshops and training for business skillsOur aims and objectives are to offer support and guidance to working women who strive to provide for themselves and their children throughout the world.  Our site addresses 21st Century issues and injustes which still remain, and attempts to offer support to those in need worldwide.We aim to do this by offering them a free business review listing and networking service to promote their business, trade or service.

Whilst membership is optional, we also provide a problem solving service to members via our 'members forum' and mentoring via free business articles and 'free to members' business training, information sheets, coaching questionnaires / courses. Our membership library is updated regularly, so there is a constantly growing body of knowledege available to our members.

As well as the continually growing body of knowledge, each new member may add to the WOW Pages knowledge bank by offering insights and information about their own business, trade or service, their do's and don'ts advice and their particular problem solving experience to help fellow members with self development and the pursuit of best practice and business excellence.

They can do this by participating in the forum or by submitting quality professional business articles or training material (non marketing) to the moderator for approval.  Once approved, they can be 'donated' to our membership area.

Our membership fee represents a fantastic investment in earch person's future successs.  We decided to offer our membership at a reasonable price so that it would be well within the budget of most women. 

Experienced business women may donate a membership to a woman or women's co-operative who, because of their circumstances, would otherwise not be able to afford to join the members club and gain from having the information that is found within the members area, or allow them to join in the member's forum. The donations of membership will be allocated by WOW to needy causes. For more information and details about this please click on read more below.


Women in developing countries are often subjected to horrific living conditions and physical hardship. We know that their needs are frequently borne out of desperation to keep themselves and their families alive. Often they find themselves a single parent without means to provide for themselves and their children, or they and their community have been subjected to the ravages of nature or exist at the mercy of the effects of war, disease, rape, oppression and servitude.

Business articles written by professionalsFree Articles

Whilst we hope that listing companies will participate fully by joining our Members Club, and take advantage of the information and opportunities to be discovered there, there is no pressure to do so, nor is there any discrimination for not joining.

Not only is it free to list on this site, but we hope that visitors and listing companies will use and pass around the free articles that we and contributing supporting agencies, international business associations and clubs post in that area.

All we ask, for copy-write purposes, that you print or forward any free articles in their entirety, complete with any signature, copy-write release statement or authors profile.

WOW Business Review Pages will always affix their signature to any articles listed on our site for tracking purposes.

International women’s business associations and clubs

Whether your business offers a trade, sells a product or offers a service, you will, undoubtedly find it advantageous to be a member of a professional or a trade association or take advantage of the business and social networking opportunities that happen when you become a member of a relevant business club.

We encourage such organisations to list with WOW Business Review Pages to give women using our site the opportunity to learn more about what they are able to offer and to find out about their social events and even become a member.

Our service offers any business related women’s organisation the opportunity to list their events on our ‘Events Calendar'.

In the future,  we plan to offer strategic partnerships where we give participating associations and clubs the opportunity to list any training courses, books, e-books or products in our Members Club Shop where our Members can purchase such items via our store link or sign up to their social events or become a member through our website.



From time to time WOW Business Review Pages has something to celebrate. We don’t add to the ever-booming business awards calendar, because we feel that we do not want to promote the modern move towards creating ‘celebrity’, whereas we do like to reward hard work and achievement.

People who join us in our aims and objectives do so because they believe in our values, and not for the ‘acclaim’.

We like to go about our business moderately. We aim to support those who might be struggling to start again after great adversity. We celebrate the breakthroughs, the little moments when hard work and co-operation result in achievement against all the odds.

Not only that, but we celebrate the lives and the contributions of all women all over the world. We especially celebrate the efforts of women who suffer the ravages of war, oppression, natural events, sexual abuse and its life-destroying consequences. We empathise with women whose lives have been wrecked by natural catastrophe and who remain mothers foremost, offering succour to their children, their families and their fellow women in the community, in spite of their own hardship.

These women are the true ‘celebrities’ of this world, and we celebrate you.

However, we feel that these women deserve a little light to shine on them and their efforts. To this end we support a fundraising link via our Featured Charities or in our Events Calendar where you will discover fund raising events that you can participate in or support.

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Featured Charities

FTW: an International Network
The Follow The Women family is spread across the world. Many are currently living in areas of perceived conflict or in a country which has recently experienced conflict. All countries have been brought together in solidarity in the united goal of supporting and promoting peace.

Gender Equality

You’re more likely to be poor if you’re a woman. That’s a fact.

The Autism File is a quarterly magazine dealing with all aspects of autism.

An international coalition of individuals and organizations formed to promote increased public awareness of the need to make pregnancy and childbirth safe for all women and newborns in the developing, as well as, developed countries.

Women in EducAid
The statistics about women in any field in Sierra Leone tend to be shocking and discouraging. When it comes to education it is not different!

Monkeybiz supplies richly coloured glass beads to women in the townships of Cape Town. The 450 women involved in the project are currently producing exquisite hand beaded artworks.